Couples Counselling Calgary

When couples are struggling sometimes meeting at a regular time and place with the opportunity to express how they feel about their relationship and their partner is one of the most significant benefits to couples counselling.  Calgary Counselling Partners offers all of our patients a safe space with a highly trained mental health professional who is a nonjudgmental observer to listen to their conflicts.  That may sound rather simple but most couples are too busy with life to take the time to sit down with each other and talk.

Our Sessions

A couples therapy session is a place where you can unload your frustrations, and sadness about how your relationship is currently working and why it isn’t bring the couple the happiness that it once did.  Our therapists are here to offer questions that will help our couples gain clarity as to why the situation makes them feel the way it does.  It is often here they can discover just how lonely or isolated their partner feels and how that has created the anger in the relationship.

Connecting Again

No one intends to overlook their partner or to let their relationship go south.  Modern life is stressful and it is very easy to become overwhelmed with work, the chores you need to do at home and shuffling kids to and from soccer practice it leaves little time left over to devote to your relationship.  That can leave either or both partners feeling frustrated and lonely.  The conversations about the relationship are avoided and the connection you once shared seems lost.

It is often in this setting that one partner will discover that their partners still holds them in very high regard and is not as disappointed as they thought.  Often there are other issues that your partner is facing as well.  Oftentimes couples place the blame with the people closest to them.  Couples also realize that their expectations of the relationship may have been unrealistic.  We are fed the idea of “happily ever after” since childhood.  We then start the process of learning just what is achievable in a real relationship.

Our goal with couples’ therapy is to create an atmosphere that allows for communication and clarification with a trained mental health professional there to offer guidance and insight.  Many of our couples discover that things weren’t as bad as they thought and with some fresh perspective the couple can find their way back to each other.